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Will the band learn our 1st dance song?

Absolutely! As one of the most popualr wedding bands in Ireland, we pride ourselves on this. Once your booking is confirmed we will ask you which song you’d like for your first dance and if you’d like us to perform it live. If you prefer, we will source the exact original recorded version of the song you’ve been practicing to and play it via MP3 through our sound system.

Can you supply us with our wedding DJ set?

Yes… Roy will DJ all the songs you love as well as the ones he knows will keep your guests dancing…  not only that, but your wedding night will benefit from an ultra-slick, seamless crossover from band to DJ through our pre-soundchecked, top of the range sound system AND you’ll get the best value in town when you book Surefire Trio’s band & DJ package. On top of this, you’ll have the added security of two back up DJs already on site and ready to take over if needs ever be as both Adam (guitar) & Alan (drums) are also trained DJs!!

How long do you guys play for?

We play a two hour lively & varied set … depending on how sore your feet are! We take a short break to accommodate the tea, coffee/buffet service at the halfway point of our performance though we keep the mood going with some carefully chosen background music conducive to conversation. Our DJ set is also two hours long, that said, we love what we do and we want your wedding to be as great as you do… so we’re in no hurry to leave and will DJ ’til the death 🙂 – It’s always a good thing to check with your venue to see if they have a strict cut-off time for music (Roy will also double check this for you, ahead of your wedding date so you get the most for your evening)!

Do Surefire Trio dress to impress?

White shirts, stylish grey waistcoats, black trousers and  black footwear are Surefire Trio’s attire for every wedding we are invited to perform at.

Do I need to hire any additional equipment?

We supply all the equipment needed to perform at your venue. A state of the art sound system, stage and dance floor lighting, back-up instruments and everything we bring is included. We even bring our own brandy glass full of brown M&M’s! Surefire Trio are all about lowering stress levels.

How do I book Surefire Trio | Wedding Band Ireland?

Inquiries for Surefire Trio | Wedding Band Ireland are made simple: call or text Roy on 086 8644415, chat with him at a showcase or email via the contact form! If we are available, Surefire Trio | Wedding Band Ireland require just a €200 deposit and we’re all yours! Booking deposits are non-refundable, however we will endeavour to accommodate any date change/postponement to the best of our ability, free of charge!

Do you use backing tracks?

Beyond requests for your first dance song to be played via MP3 and our halfway point background music, Surefire Trio | Wedding Band Ireland performances are 100% live! We pride ourselves on being crowned one of the best wedding bands in Ireland, we are capable, experienced, hard working musicians and we never use pre-recorded backing tracks.

How should I pay Surefire Trio?

The balance is to be paid, in cash, on your wedding date, once the we have arrived on time, loaded our equipment into your venue, set it up and sound checked and before we begin your 1st dance song (before too much alcohol is consumed!).


This is typically handled by the best man/bridesmaid of honour at weddings, however, if it’s easier for you, Surefire Trio | Wedding Band Ireland can accept balance payment in full by cheque, postal order, PayPal, in cash or via bank transfer, no later than four weeks in advance of your wedding date. Thank you!

We've Heard Musicians Are Awful, Unreliable Messers, is it true?

Sad to say but in my experience (I’ve met a lot of musicians in my time), this can indeed be the case. But it is not the case where Surefire Trio are concerned! We are a professional wedding band through and through, we are always on time (100% record!), we are a drug-free band & we never drink alcohol when we work! As a result, we have built an excellent reputation as one of the most solid, reliable and professional acts in Ireland

Will You Play Some Waltzes For The Folks?

Surefire Trio, Wedding Band Ireland are always happy to play waltzes when requested and we’ll always ask in advance of your big day, if you would like for us to perform some for you and your guests!

Are We Human? Or Are We Dancers?

Yes, contrary to popular belief, Surefire Trio are indeed human!! Admittedly, we’re not the best dancers in Ireland though we are experts when it comes to music for you and all your wedding guests to dance to. Being human, it is naturally possible, albeit extremely rare (we take our vitamins & exercise regularly), that one of us may be too sick to travel/perform from time to time. It is also possible a musician’s life circumstances may change and therefore a member of the band may need to be replaced permanently.

At times like this, we will always endeavour to find a suitable replacement musician of equal or higher skill level to learn our song list & take to the stage with us – the show must always go on!!

Performance Length & Time Restrictions:

Surefire Trio are never late, in fact, we’re always early, if we were to run into an unforeseeable disaster, we guarantee to still perform our full set lengths for you & liaise with your venue manager for a necessary time extension. Any restrictions on the duration of our performance length due to the venue’s or the hirer’s scheduling or time limits for music will be the sole responsibility of the hirer.

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