Searching for a Popular Wedding Band in Ireland?

Surefire Trio, a Brief Introduction

If you are someone that is searching for a popular wedding band in Ireland, one of the first names that should come to mind is that of Surefire Trio. We take great pride in being an extremely versatile band, not only in terms of the types of music that we are able to play for our hosts. No matter which of the thirty two counties that you reside in, we will be there to provide you with an experience like no other. If you want to ensure that it is your wedding reception that people compare all others to, you would be hard-pressed to find a finer band. We are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have about our services – simply take a look at the contact page on our website for more details.

Why you Need to Book a Band

For anyone that is trying to increase the spectacle that is their wedding reception, there is one solution to your problem – book a wedding band. Whilst there is nothing wrong with a DJ, a band lends an air of authenticity to proceedings. Having live music, and people pouring their energy into performances, ensures that your guests will be on their feet in no time. If you are wondering where you can find a popular wedding band in Ireland, we are pleased to inform you that Surefire Trio is at your service.

Music Genres We Play

Here at Surefire Trio, we recognise that everyone that will be attending your event, will most likely have a different taste in music. It is for this reason that, over the years, we have sought to diversify our portfolio, so that everyone can enjoy the songs that we play. If you have younger guests attending, you may wish to include more modern pop tunes, like Avicii’s ‘Wake Me Up’ and ‘Rolling In The Deep’ by Adele. Should your crowd be more interested in rolling back the years, and enjoying some songs from their younger days, it could be that ‘Highway To Hell’ by AC/DC or Guns N’ Roses’ classic ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ are more suitable. Whatever type of genre you are interested in, you can be sure that as one of the leading popular wedding bands in Ireland, we can play it. For anyone that wishes to read through our set-list in its entirety, our website’s dedicated page on the matter, will give you everything you need..

Still Not Convinced?

In order for us to have become one of the most popular wedding bands in Ireland, it was important for us to consistently provide a memorable experience at our events. When people come to see Surefire Trio, they will leave with a lasting image in their heads – one that resonates with positivity. We recognise, however, that prospective clients may feel that these claims carry little weight, should they be unfamiliar with our band. This is why we encourage anyone that is contemplating booking us, to first browse through the extensive list of testimonials that we have received over the years. These have been written by those who could not have been more satisfied with the service that we were able to provide. 

Looking For Reassurance?

Here at Surefire Trio, we understand that you want to be totally sure of the quality of the wedding band that you are interested in, before securing the booking. In order to have become a popular wedding band in Ireland, we have looked to give potential employers the opportunity to see us in action. This is because it gives a true insight into the types of standards that we hold ourselves accountable to. If you go to this page on our website, you will have the chance to watch various excerpts from gigs and events that we have played from in the past.