Amazing Irish Wedding Band

Your wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most memorable days of your life. A special night follows, with many wanting revelry and dancing aplenty. Therefore, here at SureFire Trio, we aim to prove our worth as the best Irish wedding band around. Based in Dublin but performing in all thirty two counties, we have many years of experience playing a multitude of different venues. Whether you are holding a small, family-only event, or playing host to a big and bountiful affair, we ensure that the quality never dips. Why not get in touch with us via any of the contact details listed below?

We at SureFire Trio recognise that everyone’s music tastes are different – there is nothing wrong with that, but it means that some musical outfits may struggle to fulfil all your needs. However, this is not the case with us, the best Irish wedding band in the land. Whether you’d like to keep it family oriented with a father/daughter song, relive your childhood with a decade of your choice, or even go very classical with an uptempo polka arrangement for the Siege of Ennis dance, we cater to all. We like to provide an experience that is tailored to each event that we perform at – which is why we will always strive to learn a couple’s first dance song, and if this is not possible, provide a backup from a top-quality MP3 clip.

We know that there will be many factors being considered before you make your final decision; the way that clients are treated is most likely one of them. As a premium Irish wedding band, SureFire Trio keeps one thing at the forefront of our business – the customer is always right, and always the most important. We are extremely proud to be revered by our past clients, which is why we display a page of testimonials on our website.

There are many ways for you to bring on board SureFire Trio as your Irish wedding band. If you have specific questions or queries for the band, including regarding a quotation, then why not send us an e-mail at For those who value a more personal touch, you can contact Roy, our lead vocalist, by call, text or WhatsApp, on 086 8644 415. Alternatively, on our website we have a contact page – from here, you can send us a general inquiry, and we will be sure to be prompt in getting back to you.