3 Reasons Why you Should Hire a Trio Band For Your Wedding Day

Are you getting married soon and searching for the right entertainment for your special day? There are many different types of entertainment that you can choose for your wedding; including hiring a DJ, playing music through speakers, or hiring a solo performer or a large band. But, what about hiring a trio that brings together three amazing musicians to create a night full of entertainment that your guests, as well as the happy couple themselves will remember?

Trio bands are a fantastic way to bring a truly unique and memorable atmosphere to your wedding day, bringing versatility to your wedding, and providing a great balance of sound, and they’re often more affordable than larger bands. In this post, we’re going to share with you just 3 reasons why you should hire a trio band for your wedding day. 

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1. Bringing 3 Talented Musicians Together

By hiring a trio band for your wedding day, you are bringing three talented musicians together to create a unique and amazing atmosphere for you and your partner as well as your guests. They provide you with an all-in-one solution for your entertainment, and by having three musicians on your stage you will get to enjoy all of their talents and what they can bring to the stage. 

You get the convenience of three musicians playing together to create a full and powerful sound that will keep your guests dancing all night long. Plus, their range of instruments allows them to play anything from classic hits to modern favourites to suit everyone’s tastes.

2. Flexibility to Fit into Smaller Spaces

A trio band is also an ideal option for wedding entertainment as they are able to fit into small spaces. This enables the band to be flexible, move around your venue with ease, and fit into venues of all shapes and sizes. You can choose a venue of any size and still have enough room. A trio band doesn’t take up as much space as a larger band would; even if you are having an intimate, small gathering.

3. Much More Affordable Costs

Hiring a trio band can also be a lot more affordable than other options. Live wedding bands can be expensive, and is one of the costs that most couples try to avoid when planning their wedding. A trio band is usually a lot more affordable than a large band, so you can get the music and entertainment you want without breaking the budget.

Think a Trio Band Could be the Ideal Choice for your Wedding Day?

If you think that a trio band could be the ideal choice, then the Surefire Trio would love to perform at your wedding day in Kilkenny. We will be sure to keep your dance floor full all night long and are certain to provide you with amazing live music and excellent value for money as your chosen wedding entertainment.

Surefire Trio are a three-piece trio band, covering all 32 counties of Ireland with our wedding entertainment. From over 500 guest weddings to smaller, intimate, boutique-style weddings, our trio band are passionate about music and what we do for our wedding couples and their guests alike. We turn weddings into amazing parties to get you dancing and smiling, and playing the best music to the highest standard.

We play music that you will love, whether that be 90s hits, pop tunes, country classics, or all-time favourites – ensuring to create a music playlist catering to different genres of choice. Our team of 3 talented musicians have performed at weddings all over Ireland, and we would be delighted to provide you with the music for your wedding day in Kilkenny. 

If you’d like to learn more about our trio band for your wedding in Kilkenny, make sure that you head over to our website today.